Automatic Back Up Every Time You Charge

BEWARE: This device backs up your smarpthone data while charging!

There have been reports of undesirable outside or outsider hardware planted inside routine chargers that could transmit information from your cell phone over to programmers in a remote area. The chargers have been changed with an arduino or a comparative circuit that exploits cell phones utilizing the USB OTG mode. The information can be went down, or transmitted over to a programmer utilizing RF signals or over the web, regardless of the possibility that the charger is exchanged off since they contain a reinforcement battery. In spite of the fact that the odds are uncommon that your outsider charger could be fixed, it is not an outlandish strategy. There have additionally been a few reports that say about open charging stations that take cell phone information.

In the event that you are finicky about your information and need to protect your security when outside, ensure you oppose charging utilizing an open charger or one given to you by an obscure individual. Continuously convey your own charger, information link and frill or make yourself a USB condom to ensure your information while charging.


For the present, Meem, a comparative contraption has been discharged, however this one is true, in any event as indicated by what the organization claims. Meem is not a charger, but rather a basic USB information link with an implicit stockpiling, that helps you charge the cell phone and exchange information to your PC like all ordinary USB information links. Be that as it may, the USB of Meem is that it contains an inherent stockpiling that helps you reinforcement your substance from the cell phone while it is charging. The point of the Meem is that it takes away the inconvenience of the client who needs to invest energy taking consistent reinforcements to shield their information on the off chance that the telephone is lost, stolen or dead.


Meem is accessible in 16GB and 32GB variations and is perfect with both iPhone and Android cell phones. You should simply connect to, set it up with a remarkable secret key and just charge your telephone and reinforcement in the meantime. The Meem engineers have things set for you as well—it can be set to reinforcement just the information you require, leaving the working framework and applications out. The item was a Kickstarter extend and is effectively dispatching online on Amazon and the Meem site.


In any case, the actuality remains that however the Meem gadget is bona fide, there will be numerous such imitations that can come into the business sector. The imitation or copies that in a matter of seconds be seen on the web will likewise assert programmed reinforcements for you. Yet, they could undoubtedly help programmers get their oily hands on your protection.

Clients ought to be to a great degree watchful when purchasing such items. Continuously purchase credible items from the brand sites and ensure that you check for legitimacy of any items that can deal with or read your information. Avoid outsider brands that claim to do likewise. These incorporate cell phone chargers, USB information links, pen drives (general and OTG), USB adornments and remote items.

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