6 Indian war heroes honoured in UK digital archive

London: Britain has dispatched another advanced document telling the rousing stories of war legends, including six Indians, as a feature of the UK government’s centennial festivals to stamp World War I.

Upwards of 175 men from 11 abroad nations were recompensed Britain’s most astounding honor for valor, the Victoria Cross (VC), amid the war. These included six fighters from unified India who battled in the war as a feature of the British Indian Army and respected in a memorial plaque exhibited to India in 2014.

“Behind each name engraved on the dedication plaques there is a really momentous story. It is fitting that we pay tribute to the Victoria Cross beneficiaries from abroad by uniting their stories in this computerized file,” said Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) clergyman Hugo Swire.

“By doing as such we are communicating something specific that these men, and the critical pretended by their nations of origin in the First World War, will never be overlooked by the general population of the United Kingdom,” he said.

The new Digital Archive was dispatched by FCO on Tuesday to narrative individual life stories of Risaldar Badlu Singh from Punjab, Sepoy Chatta Singh from UP, Naik Darwan Singh Negi and Rifleman Gabar Sing Negi from cutting edge Uttarakhand, Lance-Daffadar Gobind Singh from Rajasthan, and Lance Naik Lala from Himachal Pradesh.

They were all honored for their “obvious grit” on the combat zone.

Other than six VCs from India, the 11 nations secured by the extraordinary plaques incorporate Pakistan (3); Nepal (2); Canada (70 VCs); Australia (66); New Zealand (16); South Africa (14); US (5); Denmark (2); Belgium (1) and Ukraine (1).

August 2014 had checked 100 years since Britain entered the First World War.

PM David Cameron had propelled the progressing celebration program back in October 2012.

The new computerized document can be gotten to through the UK government’s authentic entryway.

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