3 teenagers swept by avalanche near LoC; one dies, two rescued by Army

Srinagar: A youngster was killed subsequent to being cleared by a torrential slide in Machael region near the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir’s north-western Kupwara locale on Saturday. Be that as it may, two other youth covered under ten feet profound snow with him were safeguarded together by individuals, nearby police and Army jawans.

The trio, understudies of a nearby Islamic theological college, were intersection the torrential slide inclined region Chuntiwari Balla when struck by the torrential slide, bringing about the passing of 16-year-old Merajuddin Khan. The harmed recognized as Javed Ahmed Khan and Qaiser Ahmed Mir have been admitted to Kupwara’s sub-locale healing center.

Resistance representative S.D. Goswami said that the Army propelled a quick protect operation in the wake of finding out about the occurrence. “The Army separation at T. Sant (camp) rapidly swung without hesitation on watching the young men got in the torrential slide. Unflinching by the furious snowstorm, 15-20 feet of standing snow and further torrential slide notices, the Army’s torrential slide salvage group was instantly dispatched for the salvage furnished with salvage hardware incorporating torrential slide casualty indicator with the assistance of which contact with the young men was built up rapidly,” he said.

The representative included that the salvage group found the young men, covered under 10 feet of snow, in a condition of stun and physical depletion and directed basic emergency treatment at the site itself. “The salvage mission could effectively clear Javed,16, and Qaisar, 14. Be that as it may, the third kid Meraj tragically succumbed to his offensive wounds,” he said.

Kupwara police said that its jawans and nearby additionally participated in salvage operation.

In the mean time, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Asgar Samoon, has issued medium threat torrential slide cautioning for snowbound ranges in Chowkibal-Tangdar, Taya, Ragini, Puttakhan, Zunegund, Malai, Pharkiyan, Keran area, Bandipora, Razdhan, Gulmarg, Neeru, Burab, Chakwali, Naugaon, Kaiyan, Radha TMG, Padam, Zebra, Patlala, Z-Gali, Macchal, Dhudi, Tsuntwarl, Drass segment and Kargil part in Kupwara, Baramulla, Bandipore and Kargil locale.

“Individuals are prompted not to wander in steep torrential slide inclined slant amid next 24 hours,” he said adding individuals are likewise encouraged to continue cleaning the snow from rooftop top of their homes to maintain a strategic distance from any causality because of rooftop breakdown.

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