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13 Gym Free Exercises That Will Improve Your Health

Exercising has numerous health benefits. This include shedding excess weight, improve moods, allowing one to have better quality sleep, enhance overall physical strength and better physical flexibility.

Exercising does not necessarily mean hitting the gym and working out with weights and machines. There are many great exercises which can be done at home without any gym equipment and at your own convenience.

If you don’t like to visit the gym, we show you 13 exercises that you should incorporate into your exercise regime to improve your health.

1.    Walking

Image source: Curb Fitness

Walking is the easiest aerobic exercise. It’s not only safe, easy and cheap, but walking has numerous health benefits such as improving the health of our lungs and heart.

Walking is actually one of the best exercises to shed excess kilos, not to mention improving blood circulation, tone your muscles and relieve stress.

Studies carried out on overweight women who used walking as an exercise showed that they were able to lose weight even without dieting! When walking as a form of exercise, walk faster than you would normally stroll through the mall. Take long strides and swing your arms back and forth. Be consistent by walking every day. At an average walking speed of 3 miles an hour, you will be able to burn between 235 and 350 calories per hour!

2.     Cycling

Image source: Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Cycling is one of the most popular exercise in the world because one can ride a bike at almost any age. Unlike high impact exercises like jogging or playing sports that may be unsuitable as you grow older, cycling has no age limit.

Cycling increases cardio respiratory endurance, muscular endurance and muscular strength. Begin riding slowly if you haven’t ridden your bicycle in a while, before progressing to longer routes and higher intensity cycling workouts.

3.     Aquatic Exercise

Image source: AQUA4BALANCE

A growing number of people are choosing aqua therapy or aquatic exercise as their primary mode of fitness. Water exercise has numerous benefits including better cardio respiratory fitness, increases strength and endurance in both the upper body and lower body but with minimal impact on our joints or stress to our muscles.

For beginners in the swimming pool, spend the first few weeks walking across the width of the poor in chest deep water for two 10-minutes sets. Once your body is more conditioned to this form of exercise, increase the distance or incorporate other exercises together with the aquatic exercise.

4.     Yoga-Alternate Nostril Breathing

Image source: Shape Magazine

This type of yoga, popularly known as Surya Bhedana Pranayama has many health benefits and can be easily done at home. This exercise helps with insomnia, depressive conditions, soothes headache and calms our mental and emotional state.

This exercise is recommended at the end of a taxing day at work, especially when you are exhausted but unable to relax properly. For a guide on how to do do Surya Bheda Pranayama,

5.     Push-ups

Image source: conFITdent

Push-ups as a form of exercise is considered difficult for first-timers, so do not be overly ambitious at the start. Start by doing just a few while concentrating on maintaining the correct form and posture, and aim to add one more each day. Naturally, the more you do, the easier they get. The trick is to be consistent!

Push-ups are a great exercise to increase core strength, develop upper body muscles, improve our overall fitness and health.

6.     Squats

Image source: Synergy Chiropractic & Acupuncture

This is one of the exercises that is simple, efficient and can be easily done at home. Squats strengthen your body structure and aid your core fitness. A strong core is very important for a healthy lifestyle because it’s the one part of the body that is always involved in our day to day activity, even when sitting and standing!

Squats can be done anytime, and multiple times throughout the day. To do squats the right way, stretch out your hands and imaging sitting down slowly, always ensuring your knee cap is never ahead of your front toes. Once your thighs are parallel to the grown, return to original position. Do not overdo squats until your thighs are lower than parallel to the ground.

To increase muscle resistance when doing squats, use weights or buckets filled with water.

7.     Crunches

Image source: 30 Day Fitness Challenges

Start this exercise routine by noting how many you can do right now, and commit to doing more each day. Crunches are efficient in strengthening your upper abdominal muscles, resulting in a nice definition and shape to your stomach!

To perform crunches, follow these simple steps:

  • Lie flat on the carpet or an exercise mat
  • Place your feet flat on the floor so your knees are pointing up
  • Place your hands behind your head or neck
  • Lift your head and shoulders together with your legs simultaneously

While doing the exercise make sure you do not use your hands to pull your upper body up. Rather, focus on using your abdominal muscles.

8.     Hiking

Image source: Spry Living

Hiking is a great exercise that not only burns calories but also enables you to explore your surroundings and enjoy the beautiful scenery while exercising. This exercise can be done by people of all ages and it’s free.

Don’t forget to drink and bring sufficient water to ensure you stay hydrated throughout your hike. If you are dehydrated, fainting spells can set in which is dangerous especially if you are deep into your hiking route.

9.     General Cleaning

Image source: http://www.cleanhousenyc.com/default.html

Cleaning your house or apartment is also a great way for you to burn those calories. To ensure that you burn more calories, focus on doing house work that involves pulling, pushing and stretching such as mopping the floor or washing the car, all of which provide a suitable home workout.

10.      Engage In Your Favorite Game

Image source: Free Stock PhotosAll of us can probably think of a game which we excel in, or at least perform better than others. Start to play them again by joining the relevant sport associations or interest groups in your area.

This is also a fantastic chance for you to learn a new sport that you have always been interested in, whether it is swimming, boxing and even a dance class!

11.      Climbing Stairs

Image source: LIVESTRONG.COM

Climbing stairs is an exercise that enhances our glute maximus, muscles located in our buttocks and connected to our thighs. This exercise is a favorite for ladies who want to tone their thighs and behind.

Start by climbing between 3 sets of 10-15 steps while ensuring that your heel touches the stair, leaning forward slightly when you are climbing. While climbing, squeeze your thigh muscles to tone both the butt and thighs.

12.     Dancing

Image source: Kristen Caven

You don’t have to know the latest dance style to perform this exercise. Compile a playlist of your all-time favorite songs and move along to the beat! Just make sure to move as many muscles as possible.

Dancing not only boost our overall mental moods, but also burns calories and increase heart rate all while in the comfort of our home.

13.     Jump Ropes

Image source: Muscle & Fitness

Exercise involving jump ropes are not only for girls, men can also burn a lot of calories. Jumping rope is one of the best cardio workouts that not only burn calories but also tone our hand and leg muscles.

In today’s world, technology has made it possible to obtain exercises, aerobics and yoga DVDs and CDs as well as exercise videos on the Internet. In case the weather makes it impossible to walk or jog or go for that hike you have been planning, other alternative exercises you can do at home means you should have zero excuses to not exercise!

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